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Basic course Kiswahili


The first language in Tanzania is Kiswahili. In East Africa, almost 80 million people do speak or understand it at least. It is always good to know some word and phrases for communicationg with the local people. They will recognize it and threat you differently. If you want to learn Kiswahili, we can offer you a special course. Together with a private teacher, you can learn some new words and sentences every day. Just ask us, we can organize it for you.


Here is an example how a dialogue could be:

What is your name?                                              Jina lako ni nani?
My name is Lucky.                                                Jina langu ni Lucky.
How old are you?                                                  Uko na miaka ngapi?
I am thirty years old.                                          Nina miaka thelathini.
What are you doing here?                                  Unafanya nini hapa?
I am working as a teacher here.                       Mimi ni mwalimu hapa.
Where do you work?                                             Unafanya kazi wapi?
I am working at a primary school.                  Ninafanya kazi shule ya msingi.
For how long do you stay here?                        Umeishi kwa muda gani hapa?
I am going to stay here for three month.      Nitakuwa hapa kwa miezi mitatu tu.
Why do you like Arusha?                                      Kwa nini unapenda Arusha?
I like A. because I can support orphans.       Ninapenda arusha kwasababu ninaweza kuwasaidia watoto yatima.


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